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Amnesty Overseas 1999 report criticized Belgium for the maltreatment of asylum seekers inside the “close centers”. As an example, for a 2nd time, Belgium was included among the states called in Amnesty’s report. Of major concern in Belgium, the document reveals police brutality and restrictive asylum policies. One of the cases highlighted as previously mentioned by Tyler in 1999 had been compared to Hovhannes Karapetyan, an refugee that is american. After an unsuccessful make an effort to deport him, he was go back to Steenokkerzeel “close center” where guards assaulted him, breaking his supply causing him to get rid of consciousness. He was then put into solitary confinement in this problem. As he asked to visit a doctor, the guards assaulted him once more. He was just taken to the hospital the next day.

On September 22, 11 gendarmes took a young Nigerian woman called Semira Adamu bound in handcuffs, to a plane at Brussels National airport to be deported. When she started trying and shouting to resist deportation, two of this officers pressed a pillow over her face. She fell unconscious and passed away later on that evening. In accordance with doctors, she succumbed to mind hemorrhage caused by a contusion. The tragic fate of Semira Adamu shook the Belgian populace. A lot more than 5,000 individuals gathered on September 28 away from cathedral of St. Michael in Brussels through the memorial service for the young girl. This led to the resignation associated with socialist party interior minister Louis Tobbak a day later, admitting political responsibility for the violent death of the 20 yr old asylum seeker (Nees, 1998).

According to the Concluding Observation Report 6, associated with Human Rights Committee in Belgium, the committee takes note of the latest instructions relating to the strategy and practices under which deportations are executed. Being a follow through in Report No. 13, the committee indicated grave concern over the widespread police brutality against suspects in custody. The committee regrets the possible lack of transparency in conducting investigations on the part of the authorities authorities and difficulty in acquiring usage of information.
al-Andalusi is just a research fellow for Yaqeen Institute therefore the creator for the Andalusian Project, a research that is independent for counter-Islamophobia studies. He holds degrees in both Western and Islamic Philosophy and is currently pursuing his Ph.D in Islamic Studies. He focuses on subjects associated with the philosophy of technology, atheism, terrorism, Islamic governmental thought and ethics, as well as other issues surrounding the global community that is muslim.
Since the 19 terrorists freely proclaimed on their own to be "Muslim jihadists", the backlash that is public Muslims as a whole in the usa and European countries was severe.

The federal government retaliated aggressively, not necessarily correctly in most instances, against selective Muslim nations such as Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. The others of what took place and how Al-Qaeda ended up being crippled militarily and the killing of its leader Osama bin Laden may 2, 2011 (about decade later on) in Pakistan, happens to be history.

Those things via armed forces assaults, drones or else until today, by the Western powers against selective Muslim groups and countries, have already been provided a major boost by this new United States president, Donald Trump, who's widely sensed to be the most anti-Muslim US president ever. These actions have subtly strengthened the therapy of Islamophobia into the subconscious minds of numerous non-Muslims.

The increase in Islamophobia is credence that is giving the self-fulfilling prophecy of this late United States political scientist Samuel Huntington's theory associated with the "Clash of Civilisations". It really is as though the whole world that is muslim at war aided by the Christian world or it is Islam versus Christianity.

This can be just what the extremists from both sides (Muslims and Christians) want but why should the peace and justice loving folks of all religions enable it? Both these monotheist that is global have actually much more similarities in content and beginning than their perceived small differences, which the extremists are playing up and exploiting to the hilt to cause strife.

Extremist groups such as for instance Al-Qaeda, IS (in Syria and Iraq) therefore the Abu Sayyaf (in southern Philippines) may seem become losing militarily, however their impact such as the Taliban as well as other terror teams across the world haven't waned and should never ever be underestimated.